Competitive Team

Hamilton City Ballet is a strong believer in dance going beyond just the technical steps. Joining our competitive team will give your child an appreciation for dance as an art form while keeping a healthy competitive mindset when performing. The work put into each choreographed piece will enhance one’s artistic abilities through performing and working with our professional teachers.

Hamilton City Ballet will be participating in three competitions around the Hamilton area this April, 2024!

Open to ages 9-15

Audition October 14, 2023 at 3:00 pm!

(The audition date has moved from Oct. 7)

Arrival is at 2:30 pm for warm-up, payment, and in-person registration.

Online registration is available here: Competitive Team Online Registration

What are we looking for? 

During the audition the teachers and artistic directors will be looking for: musicality, advanced technique, coordination, and the ability to understand and apply corrections.

What happens if my child is accepted? 

Once your child is accepted to the competitive team, it will be a $2,500 fee which includes:

  • Jazz 1/week
  • Contemporary 1/week
  • Ballet 2/week
  • Registration for 3 group dances in 3 competitions

*Registration for more dances require an additional fee*

*Costumes require an additional fee*

Each piece your child is in will require the fees as follows:

  • Group Piece: $75/unlimited rehearsals
  • Duet/Trio: $100/5  rehearsals (1 hour each)
  • Solo: $175/5 rehearsals (1 hour each)


These fees include the choreography each teacher will complete outside of class as well as teaching and correcting the number.

Group pieces are MANDATORY for everyone in the competitive team.

Duets and Trios will be chosen by your teacher based on one’s ability.

*taxes included*