What is dance etiquette? 

One of the purposes of dance class is to teach students respect and responsibility. To achieve this we ask that students show up 15 minutes early to warm up on the side before their class.

When class begins, it is customary to reverence (curtsy/bow) to your teacher.

It is important to be considerate of your fellow classmates. Everyone is in class to learn. Being disruptive will slow down the learning process for everyone.

Please show up in proper dance attire (see Dance Attire). Showing up in street clothes is disrespectful to others in the class who made the effort to dress appropriately for class.

This is a learning environment for everyone involved, teachers included, so please don’t be afraid to reach out to your teacher privately if there are any concerns.

How many classes should me or my child take?

The number of classes depends on your and your family’s priorities. For proper advancement in technique, taking a minimum of 2-3 classes is important. For recreational dance, one class a week is sufficient for lower levels. Hamilton City Ballet requires those at level 1 and above to take a minimum of two classes a week.


Do you offer stretch class? 

Yes! We offer stretch class on Mondays 7:00-7:30.

PLEASE NOTE Attending this stretch class alone will not show significant progress. This class is to demonstrates and corrects exercises for you to do at home or after class at least every other day.

Progress in dance requires work outside of classes.


Can me or my child try out a class before signing up?

Yes! Hamilton City Ballet offers one free try-out class to those hesitant to commit. If you enjoy your time in class you can sign up right after with the Artistic Director, Melania Pawliw.


What is the Spring Ballet?

The Spring Ballet is an opportunity for students of HCB to perform on stage in front of friends and family! Towards the end of the academic year, teachers will be working on the choreography for each class. This is open to ALL STUDENTS from pre-ballet to level 7/8!


How can my child get into the Competitive Team?

HCB is opening up auditions for its first ever competitive team on October 7, 2023. See more in Competitive Team



Hamilton City Ballet has FREE parking on the side of the school. Street parking is also free. Please take note of street signs when parking on the street (the proper parking side changes seasonally). Please do not block drive ways!