I have trained with Mr. Max for 13+ years and in these years of training, I have grown not only as a dancer but as an artist and human being. He is so knowledgeable about not only ballet but about its history and how to find yourself in the dance. As a ballerina, I would never be where I am now without his guidance and rigorous training. He was a huge part of my decision to pursue performing arts as a career. Training with Mr.Max, your child will become not only a better dancer but an artistic soul confident in their abilities!

Caitlin Collingwood

What an amazing school! After studying RAD for a number of years, the Vaganova technique not only corrected a painful muscle imbalance but also turned me into a better dancer. I only wish I found this school when I was younger! Max and Melania are brilliant instructors who truly care about their students. The opportunities they give their students to perform in full ballet productions is unmatched by any other school in this area. To this day, I still cannot believe I had the privilege to perform variations from Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Les Sylphides and Swan Lake. This was definitely a dream come true!

Eleni Schuurman

Melania, I always knew you were a great teacher; the way you explain concepts to adult learners. But now that I have seen you teach young children, you’re not only a great teacher; you are a PHENOMENAL teacher. If only other parents knew what their children are missing out on. It is because of your class that Emma has developed a love of movement. She has learned so much and we have you to thank. Your program is not only about dance, it is about music, art, self-expression, discipline, patience, literacy, numeracy and pretty much the world around us! You have a subtle way of incorporating all these aspects into your program. These kids don’t even know how much they are learning. I’ve watched Emma’s confidence grown and that is the most important thing to us. We thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. We appreciate all the work you put into creating such a program – the Moms & Tots Ballet. It is truly a hidden gem.

Frieda T.

When I started ballet at HCB in September 2015, I didn’t recognize my own body; I had no energy and a long list of physical complaints and discomforts. Over this past year, with the gentle and steadfast encouragement of my teacher, Melania, I am almost myself again. My energy level and stamina are much improved and the aches and pains are gone. I feel strong. I’m also down 2 clothing sizes! The best part is that it wasn’t a trial to get this point, it was a joy. Thank you so much, HCB!

Sarah D.

The instructors and directors at the Hamilton City Ballet are some of the kindest instructors my children have had. They are warm, patient and extremely knowledgeable in classical ballet and ballet production. The quality of dance your children will learn here can’t be beat and the year-end production is an impressive feat as it incorporates all ages and levels of dance.

H. O.

Amazing teachers, my girls love this place. This dance school/ full day private school is a gift to the children attending. I am so glad I discovered this hidden gem.

Mariana Schiavinatto Lima